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Cheap Windows VPS Remote Desktop with Unlimited Bandwidth

Low Cost Windows VPS Hosting Plans

Cheap Windows VPS Remote Desktop provide you to feature of connecting your computer. Cheapest windows VPS enable you to complete task on virtual machine. There are several applications of Windows based VPS. This type of service also provide you complete control of virtual machine. Use it according to your requirements. Windows VPS Server is accessed through internet connection. All you have to connect to internet. After you need to find remote desktop connection icon on your PC. Just click on it. Enter the IP, Username and password. You will have access to another machine. May be same in environment as your PC. If you are using Windows operating system. Furthermore, the common IP Port is 3389 by default. But you allowed to change it in case having security concerns.

cheap windows vps remote desktop

Cheap Windows VPS Remote Desktop

The Cheap Windows VPS Hosting Server

Cheap Windows VPS Hosting provide you high quality service without comprise on performance and reliability. Cheap windows server hosting is our best service. We like to offer this service to worldwide customers. As, we adding new features as well to make it more user friendly service. Also, our service provide you instant server. We using automatic windows deployment system. It enable you to get VPS within minutes. Our system can be easily converted to VPN. You can use it easily without the leak of privacy. Another great feature of our service is admin access. It provide you freedom. You able to install any app. No need to worry wait. All you have to install app without any restriction.

The Best Windows VPS Hosting Common Features

Best Windows VPS Hosting should provide affordable solution to customers. Providing full root access to users would be attractive feature. It provide the freedom to customers. They able to install any tool. It is ideal solution for high traffic websites. Furthermore, apps need to run day and night probably prefer to use windows VPS. So, here are some features given below:

  • Servers OS (Windows)
  • High performance SSD Drives
  • Dedicated IP Addresses
  • SSD Storage up to 200 GB
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Up to 6 CPU Cores
  • RAM (1 GB -32 GB)
  • Auto-Backups every week
  • 99% Uptime
  • Reliable for Customers
  • User friendly support
Windows VPS
Windows VPS

The Best Windows VPS Services of 2018

Cheap Windows VPS Hosting RDP

Best Windows VPS Service is necessary for supporting your online business. You need an ultimate support for improving and scaling your business online. To overcome the problem of scalability Cheap Windows VPS service is good option. Having trusted hosting helps you to get your business online all the time. Even you are sleeping your business should running online. Furthermore, security of online business is major challenge in this modern age. You need to have a trusted hosting service and in this situation having windows hosting service is considering good option. Furthermore, you may need cheap windows vps remote desktop for running boats to improve your online business presence. You may thinking to hire team of people and then having windows vps is good choice.For more info click here.
Best Windows VPS Services

Windows VPS

Why Best Windows VPS Hosting?

There are several companies online offering Windows VPS Hosting from high level companies to low level companies. You need to explore these companies and their services. Reading reviews of companies is one of method for checking the reputation of a company. Therefore, it is always recommended to read the reviews before you making decision to buy windows vps. There are couple of things that you need to check before purchasing windows hosting service and it also depends on your needs. For example you need a server that must has specific RAM and Hard Disk. Ask from company about RAM, HDD and other important things that you are interested.Also, read our guide on web hosting service provider.

Features you need to check while Reading Windows VPSĀ  Review

Best Windows VPS Server is choice of everyone but there are many things that you need to care while purchasing service from a company. You need to care about many things and here some of them are given.

  • Availability of windows operating system (2007, 2008 and 2012 etc…)
  • Windows operating system environment
  • Storage and Performance of overall system
  • Minimum RAM to run and install programs
  • Security for your app and websites
  • Make sure windows vps hosting provide you guarantee 99.99% uptime
  • Customer friendly support
  • Additional cost for more RAM, HDD and IP
  • Price and Resources that matches to your budget

Cheap Windows VPS with Free License and Remote Desktop

Cheap Windows VPS Provide you best performance with SSD based system hardware. You able to run any windows based app on our VPS 10X faster as compared to other windows hosting providers. We are providing optimized windows hosting service since our start. We using advance networking model to ensure full utilization of internet speed and resources.